Pretend your future

I was cleaning out some old elementary school papers and found this letter.  I do not remember doing this exercise, but am so glad we did!  I think this was about 4th grade, so about 1994.


Hi, my name is Dr. A.M. ——–, I’m going to Antarctica to find some meteorites.  I have 3 wool shirts, a coat, and snowshoes.  I hope I can see some seals and penguins too!

I have a family.  I am going to write to them in December.  I am giving krill to my mother.  I finally got there.  I saw about 9,000 penguins and at least an island filled with seals.  I got to see a meteorite.  I want to learn about other things in other places.

P.S. the place was cool and cold. I felt strange about the krill.  I hope I get home in time for supper.

Still exploring,

A.M. ———

My teacher wrote: Excellent! I liked the way you pretended to be a doctor of science.

In 2006, I had the opportunity to assist others with fieldwork in Antarctica.  We were looking for Southern Elephant Seal remains (skin, hair, whiskers, bones).  See photos from that trip on the Road Trip / Antarctica page!  In 2013, I became a doctor of science.  Finding and reading this 4th grade assignment gave me goosebumps!  As though 10 year old Alice knew what was to come!


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