Tectonic Hazards Videos

Youtube video links for teaching tectonic hazards:


What is a hot spot?

Plate tectonics in action

Frozen Planet: End of Earth

Ring of Fire (psurockvideo)


Sedimentary Rocks – Lesson 7 Part 5 of 6

Devils Tower legend

Introduction to Igneous Rocks

Introduction to Sedimentary Rocks

Metamorphic Rocks Video



Scientist gets too close to lava lake

Mt Ruapehu eruptions spectacular raw footage

Lahar sur le volcan, Semeru, Java, Indonesia

Dome collapse and pyroclastic flow at Unzen Volcano

NH Hawaii: Lava flow hazards

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Volcano videos

Rare video: Japan tsunami

Global volcanism: Sakurajima Erupts Again

British Airways Flight 9 (Jakarta incident)

Global circulation

Mount Pinatubo particle model

east coast earthquake hits during live news report

Liquefaction video of Japan Tohoku-Oki earthquake

Watch the Line (psurockvideo)


San Francisco earthquake – 1989 – Great Footage

New upload – World map with earthquake magnitude

Japanese tsunami – carcam

Haiti: Every Drop Counts


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