Sketch Your Science


Once a year, in December, a glorious tradition occurs.  Friends come together, talk about their lives, and celebrate each other’s successes.  I’m talking of course about the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting (#AGU16), a time when San Francisco opens it’s arms to over 25,000 geoscientists.  This type of meeting might sound like a bad dream, but to others, this week of research talks, meetings, and poster presentations is the highlight of the year.  Today is day four and this morning I was not able to concentrate so well, so I took a walk through the Mascone Center.  I found the ‘SKETCH YOUR SCIENCE’ wall, became inspired, and drew this picture to explain a bit about my research interests.  Sitting and drawing for a few minutes was exactly what I needed, and a friendly person came by and photographed the above image and sent it to me!  Thanks!


One response to “Sketch Your Science

  1. A beautiful sketch. I have seen this spot in one of your photos. Now I see where your mind goes when you need clarity.

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