Photograph by an old friend, RPL

Hi there!  Welcome to Rock Paper Glacier!

This is a site for enthusiasts, nerds, beginners, naturalists, or anyone who appreciates glacial geology.  The main goal of this blog is to share information, fun facts, and photographs about glacial landscapes.  Amazing!

All photographs and drawings are my own except where noted.

And who am I you ask?  One friend refers to me as the rock doc, but you can call me Al.  I’m a scientists who studies both glacial geology and glaciology, and sometimes I get distracted while hiking or driving because I stop to stare at rocks and landforms.  I think glaciers and the landscapes they create are truly incredible, and I want to share what I love with you.

Heart shaped rock found on an ice-cored moraine in front of Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand.

Heart shaped rock found on an ice-cored moraine in front of Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand.


Antfieldwork BSc field assistant in Antarctica (collected southern elephant seal molted skin and hair), Jan. 2006 (funded by NSF, photo by BH)

100_1086 BSc field assistant in New Zealand (collected rock samples for 10Be cosmogenic dating of moraines), 2006 (funded by Comer Science and Education Foundation, photo by AP)

nzmaryburn MSc 10Be chronology of LGM moraines in New Zealand, 2006-2008 (funded by the Comer Science and Education Foundation, photo by AP)

P1000165 PhD Glaciology field and modeling work in New Zealand, 2009-2013 (funded by the New Zealand government, photo by BA)

P1030269 S.T. Lee exchange in Fairbanks, Alaska, 2012 (funded by S.T. Lee, photo by MH)

P1040628 Teaching tectonic hazards and GIS in Maine, 2013-2014

P1050649 Post-doc: Modeling the last glacial maximum in Uganda (funded by the Neukom Institute, fieldwork funded by Comer Science and Education Foundation)


Creative Commons License
RPG Photography by A.M. Doughty is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


13 responses to “About

  1. It was nice meeting you on Wednesday. I trust that your stay at the Inn was satisfactory. I find your trip interesting and will be following your progress. I hope that you stop in if you are ever in Lubec. Have a great trip.

    • Thanks Larry! The Inn was great and I left to photograph Dudley Island just after sunrise. Thanks for letting me share my adventure with you and I hope you find an Ice Age Trail map!

  2. Thanks for the recent visit to and follow of my blog. It brought me here and I’ve enjoyed viewing and reading your glacier-based entries. Looking forward to more!

  3. Hey, nice blog! I have just started blogging about geology (amongst other things), but I don’t know much about glacial geology so looking forward to learning something!


    • Nice to have you along for the journey! Let me know which aspects of glacial geology you would like me to expand upon, and good luck with your blog!

    • Cheers Andrew, it came to me as I was falling sleep. I made myself get out of bed and write it down because although I thought I would remember it, you never know.

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  5. Hi Alice I’d be interested in using some of your images for an environmental awareness raising campaign I’m working on – if you are prepared to give us permission, could you please contact me via email (I am guessing you will have access to my details through this website) Many thanks. Liz

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