Maine’s Ice Age Trail

During the 2013 summer, I drove to Downeast Maine to follow Maine’s Ice Age Trail.  There are 46 stops along the trail and below are some of my photographs from the trip.

My top 5 favorite sites are: #12, 13, 29, 30, and 36.

Follow along with your Ice Age Trail map, available at some local book stores in Maine.

Site #1 Cadillac Mountain

Site #2 The Bubbles

The Bubbles in Acadia National Park, ME.

The Bubbles in Acadia National Park, ME.

Site #4 Somes Sound, I heard it’s the southernmost fjord in the northern hemisphere! Go Maine!

Site #6 Agassiz Historical Outcrop – Crossing the road was a bit scary, perhaps this is better as a drive-by, or park in the ice cream parking lot.  The rock itself is pretty interesting to look at too!

IMG_5581   IMG_5582

Site #8 Wave-cut Bluff – Check out the large gravel pit (in an esker!) and cemetery (also wave-cut) near Lamoine Corner.

IMG_5275    IMG_5276    IMG_5262   IMG_5273

Site #9 Glacial Grooving – Say hi to Julie if she is at the gate, she’s lovely!


Site #10 Glacial Grooving – Still visible at high tide I think.


Site #11 Glacial Grooving – Can you see the striations?

IMG_5311   IMG_5318    IMG_5313   IMG_5315

Site #12 Franklin Delta – This was the first raised delta I saw in my first glacial geology course in 2005, complete with wave-cut bench.

IMG_5575   IMG_5576


Site #13 Tunk Lake – Beautiful, clear lake.  Byrd’s cabin burnt down, I did not visit the cabin site, just the boat launch.

IMG_5545   IMG_5547

Site #14 Humboldt Field Research Institute – I didn’t contact anyone and the place looked closed, but the drive out there was awesome, you go up and over several moraines, like a roller coaster!


Site #15 Fossil Shells – I couldn’t see them, perhaps I was looking in the wrong place.


Site #16 Salt Marsh – Lots of salt marshes, you can see where people dug into the peat to help desalt the marsh grass.

IMG_5387    IMG_5379

IMG_5376   IMG_5383

Site #17 Glacial Landscape – No specific picture, but while you are driving, think about whether you are going up or down a slope or if you are driving on a flat top.  These are all clues to the geology that is under and around you, and the ditches and outcrops help too.

IMG_5585   IMG_5403

Site #21 Historical Survey Marker – I was too nervous about driving through blueberry barrens while the blueberries were in season and the pesticides were in use, so I did not stop.  I also forgot to ask permission, so no photo for this one.

Site #22 Peat Bog

Site #24 Edge of Delta

IMG_5542   IMG_5528

Site #25 Deltas – Blueberry fields forever!

IMG_5530   IMG_5538

Site #26 Wave-cut Terrace – You’ll know it when you drive up it.


Site #27 Submarine Fan – University of Maine wild blueberry research facility is on top of a huge submarine fan.  See the striations in the cobble?  (Hint: They go from lower left to upper right)

IMG_5400   IMG_5390   IMG_5396

Site #28 Moraine

Site #29 Glacial Grooving – Roque Bluff State Park.  I know the beach is lovely, but don’t miss out on these spectacular striations!

IMG_5408   IMG_5416   IMG_5418IMG_5425   IMG_5423   IMG_5424

Site #30 Sea Level Rise – Go inside to visit the Machiasport Historical Society, Elaine and Lois are very friendly!  High tide is marked by the line of seaweed on the pavement.

IMG_5461   IMG_5459

IMG_5442   IMG_5439

IMG_5449   IMG_5455

Site #31 Sea Level Rise – 1875 dock remnants at low tide (dock is now 5 feet below high tide).

IMG_5433   IMG_5434   IMG_5522

Site #33 Shipyard Cove – Totally missed it, twice.  Found this beautiful place instead.


Site #34 Pond Ridge Moraine – Large moraine, great view.


Site #35 Cutler Dump – Can see from the road.

Site #36 Boreal Forest – The Cutler/Bold Coast is known for it’s dramatic cliffs, boreal vegetation, and boreal bird species, I want to go back soon to explore this area more.

IMG_5492   IMG_5478

IMG_5469   IMG_5473

Site #39 Lubec Moraine – Visible from the road.

Site #40 Dudley Island – While in Lubec, check out Cohill’s Inn and say hi to Larry.


Site #41 Drowned Forest – I went at high tide, so I didn’t see any trees, I was hoping this rock was a stump…but it wasn’t.


Site #42 Peat Bog – A bit tricky to take a photograph of the bog, so I got the edge of the bog and the coast.

IMG_5512   IMG_5514

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