Carbon coach


I wonder if in addition to therapists, personal trainers, dieticians, and motivational speakers there will be carbon coaches.  These are people who would come to you, assess your current carbon footprint, and suggest fun, incremental changes to lessen your footprint.  They would congratulate you on the personal benefits (driving less means walking more, and eating  less meat means more vegetables) that improve your health and would make you aware and proud of the steps you are taking to reduce your contribution of carbon dumping.

Oh wait, I just googled it, this already exists (Dave Hampton).

I wonder if social media and technology will improve visualization and communication about climate change and what people can do to improve their contribution.  Perhaps a fun app, like a fitbit, but for your carbon footprint.

Hmm, I just googled this too, Oroeco is doing this.

Somehow, these resources need to become more common/mainstream/used.  Or, a new and improved version should become available.  I just started using Duolingo to learn Spanish, and it is so much fun!  It feels rewarding and I can see my progress.  They also reward me for doing at least 30 minutes everyday.  It seems to me like a good, addictive plan/app/resource would go a long way!  Who knows, maybe you could be the one to improve the design…


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