Art and Geology

Art and geology go together like cheese and apples, not everyone is into it, but I am.  Big time.  Below I provide some of my own examples and links to some of my favorite artists/photographers.

Landscape drawings of Cameron Glacier and Cameron Valley, New Zealand:

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Made by members of my family:

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Science and art in public:

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Some of my favorite geology-related art:

If you are talented in art and interested in science, I think there are loads of ways you can improve science communication to the masses.  Many of the processes geologists discuss take place over large scales of time and space, and many people would benefit from a visual interpretation of this, rather than trying to imagine it.


2 responses to “Art and Geology

    • Thanks Marli! I was looking at the blue and white stained glass piece this morning, looks totally different when there is fresh snow falling behind it, very chilling.

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