Passive Solar


For those of us living in areas that still get sun and snow in the winter, we know the heating costs associated with propane and other fossil fuels can be huge.  I’ve been looking at houses lately, and none of them were built with the sun in mind, I’m talking FREE HEAT IN THE WINTER kind of sun.  Sometimes, ‘sunrooms’ can be added to a house, and that’s pretty sweet, but it seems worth it to build from scratch.  We know that many ancient structures (pyramids, New Grange, Stonehenge) have a special relationship with the sun, and I hope to build a structure that gets free winter solar heat and does special things with the dawn light on the winter solstice!

Likewise, one of the most valuable features of a passive-solar house is blocking the summer sun using overhangs.  I came across this great website to help you get a handle on your overhangs, enjoy!


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