STEAM Training


Drawing of a steam train, not by me.

I have been wondering for years about how to get paid to teach science in Maine, to adults, my way.  How about a facility with loads of hands-on activities or ideas for teachers to use in their classrooms?  Or a museum to keep the public’s interest in science alive!  I also believe that art is a vital part of engaging people in the STEM fields.  So, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics = STEAM.  Because teachers have a billion other things they need to be working on, they don’t always have the chance to brainstorm new activities, so this facility would train teachers and others on teaching science by allowing the students to DO science!  STEAM Training!!  Naturally, the building would have a large image of a steam train on the sign, just to keep everyone confused.  Now, because Maine is a relatively large state with unevenly distributed resources, the facility/resources would be most useful if they were mobile.  I would need a bus, perhaps painted to look like a train, to drive around Maine with microscopes, mirrors, fossils, building materials, etc.

NSF proposal idea #53


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