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I was driving from Bethel, Maine to Gorham, NH on Rt 2 yesterday and could see these striations from across the road while going 55 mph!  I had to turn around and take photos of these surface scratches made by rocks stuck in the bottom of the Laurentide Ice Sheet!  The sun was just right to highlight the striations.  In most of these images, the striations go right to left / left to right, and because striations are just scratches, we can’t tell ice flow direction from them.  We have to look at the overall features, the roche moutonnees (sheep back) that shape the bedrock humps to ramp up to the left and then drop off as a rough rock face.  These larger features suggest that ice was flowing from right to left, from northwest to southeast, which is what we would expect for this area.  Keep an eye out for these scratches!


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