Snow on the Equator


The Rwenzori glaciers seem to be a symbol of national pride in Uganda.  Below is a summary of a conversation I had with a park ranger:

Ranger: I went to Europe to walk in the snow

Me: Was it (walking in the snow) crazy?

R: It was crazy.  That is when I read about the Rwenzori glaciers.  I hiked up and stepped in the snow in the Rwenzori and I cannot describe the feeling of how special it was to be in snow in my own country.  Many Ugandans cannot afford to travel to Europe for the snow, but they can access the Rwenzori.

Me: People don’t believe me when I tell them I study glaciers in Uganda

R: It is difficult for people to believe there is snow at the equator, people need to go there and see it for themselves, it will not have the same effect when the snow is gone, when the glaciers are gone.

The park service is worried that when the glaciers disappear, tourists will stop coming to the park.  The glaciers are one piece of what makes the Rwenzori Mountains so special, the lakes, peaks, vegetation and animals are spectacular.


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