Ice Age Yellowstone


When most people think of Yellowstone National Park, they think of wildlife and geysers, which is fair enough.  But in many places around the park, you will see remnants of ice age glaciers, which filled many of the valleys here (NPS map).  Above is a photo I took on my way to Lamar Valley.

Take a walk

I stopped at one, very congested parking lot.  The giant cameras were out and all lined up pointing at a black bear near the road.  I just had my point and shoot pocket camera, so I watched her with my binoculars and enjoyed the excitement with everyone.  Then, as I was about to leave, I noticed a wooden staircase and trail leading off to the left.  So I decided to go on it (though I didn’t see anyone else going up there).  And oh my, I’m so glad I did.  Below is a photo from the look out, one of the most stunning views I saw that day.


Here’s the rub

There are too many cars in Yellowstone.  I’m reminded of Desert Solitaire and thinking about ways to allow people to experience national parks in a more efficient way: bicycles, shuttles, on foot, and by horse.  Something like an express bus that only goes to the main hubs or junctions and then smaller local buses that stop at each of the sites.  You can spend as much time as you like at a site, and stare out the window the whole time (I witnessed a car accident, perhaps because they were distracted).  Shuttle system, think about it.


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