I didn’t know there were glaciers in Uganda


If I received $100 every time someone said, “I didn’t know there were glaciers in Uganda” I could buy a nice, passive solar, off the grid, efficiency house on 50 acres.  But I don’t get any money.  Instead, my automatic response is, “I didn’t know either.”  Other things I learned this year:

  • Glaciers exist on Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya, and in the Rwenzori Mountains, and that’s it for all of Africa
  • The Rwenzori Mountains are a physical border between Uganda and the D.R. Congo, and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • These Rwenzori glaciers are located only 40 km north of the equator and in an area that receives to rainy seasons (although it rains most of the year)
  • A map of Africa’s elevation is stunning to look at, most of eastern and southern Africa is quite high in elevation, which influences the diurnal temperature range, winds and rainbelt
  • East Africa, along with most other tropical locations, is influenced by El Nino
  • Stoney ginger beer is delicious

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