Me, My Dog, and a Boulder


(Click on the image for awesomeness, photo by Andre Lazelle)

I received a newspaper clipping in my office mailbox a few weeks ago, the front color photo was of a HUMONGOUS glacial erratic.  I finally got the chance to go see it in person, the photos do not do it justice, if you are ever in N. Conway, NH, you owe it to yourself for a little detour for a big rock.

  • How do we know this is not part of the bedrock?

Over to the right of this picture, the underside the boulder is visible, it is resting on till (smaller boulders, cobbles, and gravel)

  • How do we know it was brought by a glacier/ice sheet?

There are no nearby mountains that it could have fallen from and nothing else (wind, water, fire) could have brought this boulder here.

Geologic Parks are the GREATEST!


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