Where would you go?


Many surficial geologists are understandably obsessed (in a healthy way) with Google Earth.  Now with clearer, updated imagery in many areas, I can teach labs about glaciers and glacial geology, taking ‘virtual fieldtrips’ all over the world by using a computer.  A colleague shared a few sites of potential future work locations she marked on Google Earth, the moraines were spectacular!

I told her Pakistan is on my list, perhaps because the landscape is dramatic, there are rock and snow avalanches, and the moraines look amazing.  Where would you go?


One response to “Where would you go?

  1. My undergrad professors at UW-Madison were masters of the virtual field trip (it’s definitely not easy to study mountains in a place like Wisconsin). In one of my classes we spent the whole period looking at mountain ranges all over the world, at one point ended up over the Annapurna region in Nepal. I’ve been obsessed with those mountains ever since… and somehow talked my family into hiking to Annapurna Base Camp this spring. They were even more amazing in person. Now that I’m graduate TA, I can’t wait to use google earth to help my students!

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