When life gives you mountains


Have you ever had one of those moments when you think, “If my life were a movie, the background music to this scene would be funk music”?  You have a groove in your step, things are going well, weather is good, and you feel powerful.  The day after I hike a big mountain, I feel amazing from the physical activity, but also the chance to see more geology! These photographs show the Franconia Ridge Trail (part of the Appalachian Trail) in New Hampshire, as with most landscapes, the photographs don’t do it justice.  My hiking partner asked me about how the ridge formed, if there were glaciers on either side (like some ridges in the European Alps), but I wasn’t sure how much of the ‘knifes edge’ was due to the strength of the underlying rock, ancient faults making weaknesses elsewhere, ice sheet activity and smaller mountain glaciers that may have been here.  Most great hypotheses begin with an observation, what are some things you’ve noticed lately?

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