The Issue Formerly Known as Climate Change


O, be some other name!
What’s in a name? that which we call a climate change
By any other name would smell as rank;

Don’t say global warming, use climate change instead

Don’t say climate change, just avoid the conversation completely


4 responses to “The Issue Formerly Known as Climate Change

  1. Yikes! It’s true, and it seems any topic of importance can get bogged down in trigger words. Maybe reframing the conversation can draw more people in??
    Hope this generation coming up is better proponents for the planet than those of us raised on artificial food and disposable just about everything.

    • It’s like telling a baker to report on how they make bread without using the word flour.
      I think the next generation will resent us for being so d@#$ lazy, this isn’t the legacy we should leave, there will never be a better, easier, or cheaper time to address our carbon usage than now.

      • Rock on! What are your strategies for change? My kiddos tease me some, but every step of food and product change, and recycling helps.

  2. I think education is the greatest strategy for change, of any kind. If the people know what needs to be done, then change will be welcome instead of resisted.

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