Climate Change Analogy



Think about your favorite story, the one where there is a huge threat to civilization, but the people don’t think it’s real or that it will not affect them.  The one where the leader reassures the people that everything is fine so the people remain calm and continue with their daily lives.  The one where no matter how much one person, or many people scream about the threat, no one does anything until it’s too late.  If you were in the story, would you be the leader, telling everyone to ignore the problem?  Would you be the person going about their day ignoring the issue?  Or would you be trying to save as many people as you can?  Right now, with regards to climate change, I’m becoming more and more like the screaming person.  But without any action from people or leaders, we are stuck!  Here is an excerpt from a recent NYTimes piece:


  • major wants everyone to ignore the deadly shark because the town economy would suffer if people left, but now everyone is in danger = US politicians thinking the economy is more important than people/denying the issue


Globe? Warm? Who, Me? (excerpt)

“They’re sort of like the mayor in “Jaws” who won’t admit there’s a killer shark out there because it’s the start of the town’s tourism season. (“Now I am not a marine biologist …”)

It’s one thing to be a climate-change denier like Senator James Inhofe, the (gasp) chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee, who brought a snowball into the Senate to demonstrate his conviction that the Earth is not getting warmer. It’s another to pretend as if it’s O.K. to dodge the whole question.

If you’re a presidential candidate, the only three intellectually honest answers to global warming queries are:

“My thoughts about this are similar to those of my intellectual role model, James Inhofe.”

“Yes, climate change is real, and I will give you my plan for reducing carbon emissions just as soon as my six biggest campaign donors finish slamming the door on their way out.”

“Sure, it’s real. But by the time Miami goes under water, I’ll be dead. So who cares?”

Or you can tell people that the shark might or might not be in the water, and might or might not be hungry, but that this is no time to stop swimming.”



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