Maine canoe

Seriously, what is the hold up?

This delay/denial/ignorance/inaction on reducing carbon emissions by the United States government is embarrassing.  Change three things in your life today to reduce your carbon footprint and contact your local and state politicians and tell them that climate change needs to be addressed urgently, with one step being to ratify the Kyoto Protocol.


The United States is the largest contributor to carbon emissions and probably the country most in denial about the direct affect CO2 has on warming the climate.  Let’s rise to the challenge, be the change you wish to see in this world!

My three things:

  1. Arrange car pooling for work 3/5 days of the week.
  2. Buy a clothes horse (for drying clothes indoors, my landlord doesn’t want a clothesline outside) so I don’t have to use the laundromat driers.
  3. Time my showers and reduce it by half.  It takes a lot of energy to heat water.

Need some ideas?

  • Reduce or cut out the amount of meat you consume
  • Unplug all electronics, have a surge protector strip and turn that on only during use of electronics
  • Use a fuel-efficient car, car pool, public transport
  • Set the thermostat at 50F at night and while at work; insulate your home; get heat from the sun;
  • Buy second-hand items
  • Keep lights off, use natural lighting
  • Talk with others about carbon footprint, keep thinking about the choices we make everyday

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