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Confluence of Tasman Gl. and Rudolf Gl., NZ

Confluence of Tasman Gl. and Rudolf Gl., NZ

I had an assignment this week for my Improv for Scientists class (yes, scientists take these sorts of things so we can re-learn English and communication skills).  We had to go to this website that allows you to only use the top 1000 most common words in the English language.  The goal was to describe our work, or one important concept with only these top 1000 words.  I got a bit carried away:

As the air gets warmer, we need to know how the world will respond. People use what has happened to ice, water, air, trees, and land in the past tens of hundreds of years to guess what will happen next. Ice that stays year round in high areas tells us when it was warmer or colder in the past. This works because ice gets bigger and longer when the air is cold and smaller and shorter when the air is warm. Ice moves down from cold high areas to warm low areas. Rocks in the ice fall out at the lower end and leave a line of rocks marking the edge of the ice. So even when the ice is all gone, we can still see the line of rocks and where the ice edge was in the past. I use the line of rocks to learn WHEN the ice was bigger and how much COLDER it was in the past. Ice is great.


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