Climate Wobbles


My mentor suggested I watch the Jon Stewart Burn Notice about Politicians and Climate Change.

Reasons why some politicians on the House of Representatives Committee for Science, Space, and Technology don’t believe in climate change:

  1. Model of climate change over 100 years does not include ‘Climate Wobbling’
  2. No one has explained when CO2 will be high enough to be harmful to humans
  3. Scientific literature is written by scientists, and is therefore biased because they are protecting their job
  4. Ice cubes in water don’t add to a change in water level when they melt

If I were the scientific advisor of one of these politicians, I might suggest the following explanations:

  1. The model does not include orbital cycles because they occur over 19,000 to 100,000 year time scales and their affect is minimal over 100 years.
  2. Climate scientists are interested in CO2 because it is a greenhouse gas and helps trap heat near the earth’s surface.  We are not worried about CO2 becoming so high that it will suffocate people.
  3. Scientists will research the major questions and challenges that face the human race, whatever they may be.
  4. Ice already floating in the oceans (ice shelves, sea ice, icebergs) have already displaced their volume and will not contribute to future sea level rise.  It is the ice ON LAND in ice sheets (Greenland and Antarctica) and in mountain glaciers that will contribute their mass to sea level rise when they melt.



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