Gorge-ous Pothole!

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I explored Lost River Gorge and Caves to satisfy a certain nerdy craving, which was thoroughly satisfied by the end of the adventure.  This gorge is one of many located in New England that likely formed when thick ice covered this area and meltwater at the base of the ice sheet (loaded with silt and sand and under high pressure due to the weight of the ice) acted as liquid sandpaper, carving beautiful features into the bedrock.  The potholes, curves, notches, etc. are relics of water under high pressure and it is possible to see them at higher elevations or locations where rivers do not run today.  That sounds CRAZY!

This place is great for kids and adults (especially adults who like to explore caves).  If you would rather not wiggle through the lemon squeezer or crawl through the dungeon, there are bypasses with a great view of the gorge.

Happy Exploring!


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