NH Mammoth Tooth!!


A partial molar of an extinct wooly mammoth was found in New Hampshire earlier this year and recently confirmed (Plymouth State news release)!  Wooly mammoths (along with humans and other animals) migrated into North America along the land-bridge between Russia and North America (Bering Straight) during the last ice age when sea level was lower (lots of water was being stored in the form of ice on land). 

I remember seeing a mammoth skeleton in the American Museum of Natural History when I lived in New York.  My jaw dropped, I just stood and stared, can’t imagine what it must have been like to try to hunt a herd of them. 

Image is of my friends walking along a path after sunset near Fairbanks, Alaska with Denali in the background, perhaps along a similar path taken by the first people to arrive on this continent. Perhaps not. 


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