Sustainable living?


I am researching the pros and cons of living in a tiny house, something about 200 sq.ft., on a trailer, well insulated, and just enough room for my dog and I (and perhaps I made a Lego replica of such a house…to scale).  I love the idea of living in a small space that can be heated efficiently using few electric, gas, and wood resources.  Perhaps the most efficient living would be a dorm, with shared bathrooms, laundry, kitchen, study, etc., but I’d rather not put myself through that again.  Every building uses space, resources, and energy and my goal is to minimize my consumption.  I have not started building yet, but am looking at ReStore supplies (used doors, windows, sinks, etc.) and I already feel liberated by taking bags of unneeded clothing and cooking supplies to Goodwill.

Want to read more about tiny living?


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