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I finally got through the book Endurance, I listened to it on cd while driving between Maine and western New Hampshire a few times.  Not going to lie, I cried a few times.  Mostly when they talk about having to kill the dogs.  But also when they talk about the small acts of kindness that mean so much in such a treacherous time.  Endurance is the name of the ship Shackleton took to Antarctica with the mission to represent England as the first country to CROSS the continent of Antactica.  In short, the ship got trapped and crushed in the sea ice, the men hauled their few supplies to a nearby island and six sailed a dinghy (named the James Caird) to South Georgia crossing some of the nastiest ocean waves in the world.  Somehow, they all survived, check out the many stories, books, movies, and art exhibits on this adventure!  Stories like this remind me of how fragile humans are and how we are not meant to live in those harsh conditions.


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