Humans using glacial geology


It’s no secret that the glaciers have changed the landscape of Maine and other regions, in many ways to our benefit:

  • Eskers provide sand and gravel (imagine the sand and gravel from a riverbed in a glacier draped over the landscape, leaving a long, sinuous ridge). The photo above shows the cross section of an esker.
  • Moraines are great for building roads or houses because they provide adequate drainage (see depositional features for more information)
  • Deltas are great sources of sand and act as a filter for drinking water (yes, Maine has deltas that are now above sea level, it’s amazing!)
  • Roche moutonnees would be great if we needed to defend a castle.  I’m still waiting for that day.

I recently learned about humans mining bits of rock from glacial erratics (Not from ’round here are ya).  Seems more difficult than digging up sand instead, but maybe I’m just lazier than my ancestors.



(In case you can’t see the image from the comment below)


One response to “Humans using glacial geology

  1. Glaciers – working for you while you sleep? The Dozers of Maine.


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