Talk nerdy to me


I can’t believe the temperature actually rose above freezing yesterday (was 0F out this morning)!  My niece and I started digging trenches in the driveway yesterday afternoon so it wouldn’t turn into a skating rink overnight.  I looked back and saw these beautiful flow patterns in the water, (water flowing left to right in the above photo), I called her over to have a look.  I said that the muddy water is heavier and sinks below the clear water, but when they have to flow around these pebbles, the two mix and create these patterns.  I asked her what would happen if she put her finger in the stream path, so she did, and we saw the horizontal mixing waves get bigger, then she picked up a leaf and use that instead of her finger, then an icicle.  She played in the stream for a while, made me think of when I was young.  Experimenting is natural in all of us. Encourage young people to play with mud, sticks, ice, without a particular goal/shape/purpose in mind.  Creativity will enhance the child’s problem-solving skills, as well as give them a glimpse of youthful freedom.


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