Through the pipeline


I’m troubled by how much CO2 is pumped into the atmosphere because of my choices.  How often I drive, what I eat, where my purchases come from, how much packaging and waste is created on items I purchase.  I see the difficulties people have when they try to imagine that they (the individual) could have any sort of impact on the environment, but we all do.  I’m sure there are endless lists online about things you could do to reduce your carbon footprint, but below are some of my effort and goals so far.

Here are some things I do:

  • Turn off lights, tv, computer when not in use
  • Drive only when necessary (job) or when I have 3 or more errands
  • Buy some local items, organic items, and bulk items
  • Eat my sister’s canned goods
  • I go thrift shopping at least 10x more often than I do ‘regular’ shopping
  • Only buy the food I know I can eat before it spoils (or I freeze a lot of food)
  • Use fabric shopping bags and love them
  • Recycle paper, cans, bottles, glass, plastic, whatever is possible at our transfer station
  • Heat with a wood boiler and live in a passive solar house

Here are some things I would like to do:

  • Not purchase anything made overseas
  • Drive an electric car
  • Garden with my family
  • Live in a place where I can walk to work
  • Support tidal energy in Maine (if it looks like a good idea)

4 responses to “Through the pipeline

    • I own a dog, and know that takes a lot of resources. I would like to have kids, perhaps through adoption. I’ve also noticed the challenges that China has gone through by limiting the number of children, so I figure it’s best to let people decide for themselves how many kids they want.

      • Education, education, education. The Japanese are, again, ahead of the rest of the world on this matter – and getting virtually no credit for it. While we oppose. state-mandated decisions in this area, obviously governments could to a lot to educate and and create incentives for responsible behavior.

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