Mountain Magic


I lived in a very flat Maine town for about 6 years and swore to myself that I would never live in a flat place again.  It was still not as flat as many places in the mid-west US, because from the 3rd floor women’s bathroom, I could see a small hill in the far distance between two pine trees.  After living in Maine, I spent 4 years in the very dramatic landscape of Wellington, NZ, where my calf muscles doubled in size and I was easily distracted by the view out my office window.  Now I’m finding happiness in the middle; rolling hills and rocky rivers, but when I close my eyes, I still imagine the Southern Alps of New Zealand.  I’m not sure what it is about hills, but when I see them I feel better, I might sigh or smile, but there is a deep satisfaction and relief I feel just knowing there are hikes nearby.


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