Ice is a Mineral?


A mineral is a naturally occurring solid, with a definable chemical composition, a crystalline structure, is formed by geologic processes, and is inorganic.  Ice satisfies this definition and is thus a mineral!  Glaciers, and the layers within them, serve as analogies to metamorphic rock rheology (deformation and flow studies).

I’ve been told that there are pebbles of ice in the sands of Mars.  Crazy!


2 responses to “Ice is a Mineral?

    • Excellent point, some of the materials that can be produced through biological processes (apatite mineral in tooth enamel and calcite mineral in shells) can also be produced through geologic processes (precipitation out of solution). I’ve been told that the strongest form of apatite contains flouride, which is why we use a flouride mouth wash as kids to support our tooth enamel.

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